World Card Making Day

Happy World Card Making Day! It's officially the day to pull out of our stash (you all have more than enough) and make cards for any occasion. You may want to get a head start for the winter holidays or put together something for Halloween or build up your birthday, sympathy, thinking of you inventory, or put together cards for the Troops. I'd like to do all of the above, but realistically, I'll get what I get.

If you are interested in sending cards to troops abroad so they can use them for their own families and friends check out the "needs" and info at Operation Write Home.

For inspiration check out Mish Mash, Kristina Werner, Sunflower Studio, Kristi Lockart, or of course the World Card Making Day website.

There really isn't a wrong way to make a card. Handmade is beautiful! Make just one at least and feel free to post or link your creation here.

Oh, by the way, we ended up watching "Ghostbusters 2" last night through Netflix's on-demand disc for the wii. Good times...


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Melissa said...

Happy World Card Making Day!


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