Blogging is Tough

I know it's been 2 weeks since my last blog post. It isn't because I haven't thought about it. I just haven't had a chance to get pictures sorted out, thoughts onto Internet, etc. Ever have a crazy time in your life? Yeah, so that's most of the time. This time, it feels like I'm in slow motion in a fast moving scene. So, for a few updates on what has been done toward "October Daily"...

Westwood Fall Festival - check. Complete with silent auctions wins (Xmas shopping!), Haunted House, Cotton Candy (3x for me), and Pumpkin Walk. The pumpkin walk reminded me of fun times I did Cake Walks as a kid. Yum-O!

Pumpkin Picking - check. Complete with Smoking Ghoulish displays, Petting Zoo, Pony Ride, Hay Bales, Rain, and one Blue Pumpkin for the 4 Orange we got at the festival.

Halloween Costumes - in progress. 1 bald cap for monk costume, 1 gladiator shell, wings and sword for Angel Gabriel costume (not sure why the religious theme sprung up for the kids), and stuff for my costume. Hubby elects not to dress up this year (so far). My first real need for the costumes is this coming Thursday for the Hambly Papers Event. I'm supposed to be an Ice Cream Cone. My material sits patiently waiting for assembly. That was my plan last night, but...

Power-Outage-Pulls-Family-Around-Table-by-Candlelight-Night - check. It's rare we have power outages in this city because we have our own power plant. However, when one blows or crushes a box, then your home gets no access to that lovely flowing electricity. It's really fun to see lights across the way, and you're out back barbequing with a camping lantern. I could have totally jumped at hubby's offer to go out to dinner, but instead, I took the challenge to make dinner (sausages, chicken and wild rice/basmati) with zero kitchen functionality. We had candles lit all over the place. I wrote down on the whiteboard how many, so I'd be sure to extinguish all of them before bedtime. ETA on power outage was 4-6 hours. One son swept out back, one went to the park, everyone went to bed on time without complaint, we had dinner by candlelight, everyone sat at the table after dinner, and I had help finishing up some crafting projects (yes, also by candlelight).

So...pictures tonight hopefully. :) Have a great day!

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