My Design Team on WOW!

So, yesterday, I did blog. It just wasn't on this site. I debuted my WOW! Embossing Powders design team at http://www.wowembossingpowders.blogspot.com/. Each girl presented a project using these bold, colored powders, and every project was a fantastic work of art!

One of the most rewarding parts of working with a design team is the inspiration you get from seeing how others work with the exact same products. I love the individuality, style and stories even that shine through in each designer's work. For example, I have 2 sons, so much of what I do uses gray, blue, black, brown and less of pink and purple. However, I would love to use more of what I deem the "girly" products, like flowers and glitter. I LOVE glitter.

By checking out the work of others, like Anne Brown's Fairy Scene, I'm inspired to think about using the girly products on art exclusive of "the boys".

What's your style? What have you wanted to try? What are your color palettes?


Under this Pile of Paper is a Laptop

In two weeks, I'll be in Anaheim with thousands of other creative minds at CHA, the Craft Hobby Association winter tradeshow. Up until that time, I'm plowing through a number of projects and booth preparations for WoW! Embossing Powders.
I'm also trying to get a head start on next month's projects. Believe it or not, there's a bit of planning and "pre-work" before I actually get paper and glue to look like an amazing display of art.

Here's a sneak peek for one of my February "to-do's". I'm working on lettering using Cricut Design Studio.

I own version 1.0 of the software, but manage to keep up-to-date by uploading the latest cartridges from the Cricut site here.


Pinterest Anonymous

Have you seen my Pinterest board?

If this was a physical bulletin board, I would need 2 of my living room walls to hold all these 'articles'!

I've always been a "clipper". I clipped articles, recipes, ideas, coupons, quotes, etc. Then I started to scrapbook...more clipping but it was now called "cropping". Now, it's Pinterest (oh and still cropping).

And WOWSERS, do I "Pinterest". I hear talk that this is becoming an addiction. Ya think? Yes, I am totally addicted to Pinterest. I have the app! Any moment in line at the market, cafeteria, even in line for the loo, I am on Pinterest.

I should call Pinterest Anonymous. But, I don't think I have a problem. (*wink* first sign, right? LOL). No, really. I have actually marked off some of my "Pinterest To-Dos".

I made the door hanger for Father's Day. I have made several recipes. I tried the nail paint marbeling technique. I did use some of the color inspiration swatches in my projects. I made several cake plates. I'm going to make some faux cupcakes for said cake plates.

And, you know what? I'm thinking of having a Pinterest Party or two and inviting some of you co-addicts to check off some of your own clipped "to-dos". Not sure what a Pinterest party is? Check out the notes and links under my "Your Invited" board.

Stay Tuned for Invitations!


WOW! I'm on a Design Team!

Several exciting events are happening today, and it's just the second day of 2012. There's the annual Hockey Winter Classic (Go Rangers!), the Rose Bowl (Go Wisconsin!), the Tostitos Bowl (Go Stanford!), my Mom's 71st birthday (Go Mom!) ....and one more exciting announcement. I'm one of 5 fabulous leads on the design team for WOW! Embossing Powders. We're ready to rock at CHA in just a few weeks when we launch the US division of this awesome company! Pay us a visit at our blog and meet the rest of the team. Just click here.

But, why should I have all the fun? We have contests!! Here are the details:

Contest #1--Post something on the WOW blog and like our NEW facebook page and YOU could win some of Suzy West's new embossing colors including a cool case. 

Contest #2--Invite your friends to like our facebook page and tell them to say that YOU sent them and you could win some of our new clear stamps debuting at CHA.
Keep checking back for updates, contests, creations by moi and other fun events!


It’s January 1, 2012. Happy New Year! Are your resolutions ready?

A handful of years ago, I half-seriously started coming up with resolutions. After 2 years of coming up with very little or nothing marked off my list, I took more interest in being more successful at writing the annual to-do list.

And…I did it! I embraced the annual tradition, I studied with gurus…just kidding. I just figured out the list had to be realistic and procrastination had to be curbed.

Here’s what you do for your own list and remember to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, silly):

1.       Start with 3 items and start right away.

2.       Leave off the commonplace and generalizations. “Losing weight”, “getting organized”, “be nicer”, “stop smoking/drinking/procrastinating”, etc.

3.       Start small and be specific.  “Lose 3 lbs. this month”, “download C25K app”, “find 5 organization ideas this month”

4.       Do something for yourself with instant gratification.  “Have fresh cut flowers around the house” – go immediately to the market to pick them up, you can see and smell them, and do it again in 2 weeks. One item on the list – done!

5.       Finish off the first 3 items within 1-3 months and Start again!

When you’re confident you can come up with resolutions that are a little more ambitious, go ahead and stretch it out over 6 months or the full year. Good luck!

Here’s my list so far:

1.       Update my blog at least 1x per week.
2.       Keep Fresh Flowers around the house. (bringing back an oldie, but a goodie.)
3.       Start the C25K program this month. (I completed Day 1 already! My ultimate goal would be to run the entire Valentine’s Day Fun Run. If I don’t make it that run, I’ll find another before the year is out.)

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