October Daily

Happy First of October! My "October" resolution is to develop habits. I'm going to start a couple of projects that REQUIRE that I blog daily. This keeps up my blog, my activities and hopefully my sanity.

So, to kick-off, I'm taking a page out of Ali Edward's book and doing an October Daily Album. Ali actually does a December Daily and is currently in the process of selecting an album. I am going to just jump in with 2 feet and do an October Daily. Why Not? Halloween is one of my fave holidays, autumn is a new season, it's really the start of the holiday season...and I just need to do something.

So, I'm going to sit down and figure out the memories I want to capture this month, I'm going to pull out my papers and embellies (luckily Halloween/Fall stuff is actually organized), and get going.

Since I have nothing lined up yet and it's officially Oct 1, I'm going to capture my first album memory here.

Friday, Oct 1 - The kids and I were planning on seeing the movie, "Vampires Suck". What an approprox flick to see to jump start the Halloween season. The best laid plans.... I had looked up this move the other day, sent out the Outlook requests to all attendees (Yup, me and the kids), and off we went at 6:30 for the 7:15.  What we found out at the door is that the movie schedule changed this morning, the first of the month. WHO takes a vampire movie out of rotation in October?!

So.....plan B. We're settling down to see a B-movie-style, indie flick called "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter". I'll let you know how it goes.

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