Friday Favorites - March 20

Here are some of my favorite tried-and-true Beauty Products.

For super wavy "beach" curls - the Goody Heat Wave Creator Curling Iron. Unfortunately this is a discontinued model, but similar irons are out there from Revlon and BedHead.

For a twist on my personal Jo Malone Signature Scent, a touch of Wild Bluebell.

For stay-put fine hair styles, Kenra's Volume Hair Spray. A MUST HAVE for fine hair!

Multi-vitamin Moisturizer for your Face; light and absorbent.Err-day.

I've used this Eye Cream ever since I started to use Eye Cream a few years ago. Also, light and absorbent. That's a general theme for me. I also like to get a stress relief gum ball from the shop when I stop by.

Say Yes to Cucumbers Face Wipes because I like cucumbers and I like a quick refresher. This product made its way into my routine just half a year ago when I ran out of Kirkland brand wipes and picked these up in a pinch at Whole Foods during lunch.
Just when I thought I couldn't be swayed to spend more on lip color I am introduced to YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 10. It immediately knew my natural taste for luxury and clung to my lips all day and night as if to prove I was getting my money's worth. Plus, it smells so delicious I can't believe I'm not devouring it off my lips. 

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