Free App Friday - Blogger

This is the first in a series this year called, Free App Friday.

I'm obsessed with apps. This is why I heart and am tethered to my iPhone. This is why my iPad sat in the box for almost 3 months untouched. I know these devices feed my addiction. Yes, I'm an app hoarder. I have over 150 apps. I use many, not all, regularly. They are organized by category, and all live on my iPhone, but not my iPad.

I think my catch phrase last year was, "I bet there's an app for that."

So, with only 52 weeks in a year, I figured I could reveal some of the strings behind this madness because there are many apps that are actually quite useful and free. (I do purchase if there's more to an app or if limited as free. Also, my phone is not jail-broken so any average Jane can emulate my passion.)

MEET: Blogger

Simply put, this is meant to keep me on track with my resolve to keep my blog updated. Since I now have an iPad, I'll probably use it more because I prefer to type longer messages on that device versus my iPhone. I spend enough time trying to draft work emails from the phone that by the time I blog, I'm all thumbs.

Available for both iPhone & Android. Enjoy!
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