Pinterest Anonymous

Have you seen my Pinterest board?

If this was a physical bulletin board, I would need 2 of my living room walls to hold all these 'articles'!

I've always been a "clipper". I clipped articles, recipes, ideas, coupons, quotes, etc. Then I started to scrapbook...more clipping but it was now called "cropping". Now, it's Pinterest (oh and still cropping).

And WOWSERS, do I "Pinterest". I hear talk that this is becoming an addiction. Ya think? Yes, I am totally addicted to Pinterest. I have the app! Any moment in line at the market, cafeteria, even in line for the loo, I am on Pinterest.

I should call Pinterest Anonymous. But, I don't think I have a problem. (*wink* first sign, right? LOL). No, really. I have actually marked off some of my "Pinterest To-Dos".

I made the door hanger for Father's Day. I have made several recipes. I tried the nail paint marbeling technique. I did use some of the color inspiration swatches in my projects. I made several cake plates. I'm going to make some faux cupcakes for said cake plates.

And, you know what? I'm thinking of having a Pinterest Party or two and inviting some of you co-addicts to check off some of your own clipped "to-dos". Not sure what a Pinterest party is? Check out the notes and links under my "Your Invited" board.

Stay Tuned for Invitations!

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