The 1st of this Year's Blog Challenges and ...Resolutions.

Happy New Year! Resolutions anyone?
Lots of people joined a gym, I joined a Scrapbook Challenge forum.

This is the first year I didn't have resolutions ready at midnight. I did so great the last two years completing 90% of the resolutions I put out there. Did I get lazy this year?

Well, there's plenty motivation out there. My friend, Judy, sent out a challenge and made a special wager with me on the number of scrapbook layouts we could complete...this month? I can't recall the details. I do know that before the 19th I will have to be somewhat productive or I'll be buying Ms. Judy some sort of Venti Dream at Starbucks.

So, I guess that's one resolution. Get some pages done.

Assignment #1 - I barely got something done. It was past 11 pm, it was a "school night", it had to get done.
My "Do What It Takes" attitude on auto pilot.

Voila! 8x8 for the Blog Hop Sketch challenge.

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